Young prodigy hears 101-year-old’s dream is to hear him live, so he gives her a private recital

Dorthy Landry was 101-years-old when she heard Ryan Wang, child music prodigy, play piano for the first time. That was in 2013 when Wang was just 3-years-old. Since then, Dorthy has been following Wang’s career. Having played on the Ellen Show and at Carnegie Hall, he is a tough act to miss.


Though she fell in love with his music back in 2013, Dorthy was never able to get the full effect of it, as she is hard of hearing. Wang, who calls Landry “Grandma Dorthy,” learned this and wanted to do something to make her happy. So he put on his own private recital, just for her. Landry was invited to sit right on the bench with him, close enough for Grandma Dorthy to finally experience the full effect of Wang’s talent.

“I like playing for Grandma Dorothy because it makes her happy,” Wang explains, just one of many touching moments throughout the video.


Wang’s and Landry’s is an unlikely friendship, but one that has warmed hearts across the globe. At just 5-years-old, Ryan is already an amazing individual in so many ways. He first awed the world with his gift for music and is at it again by simply being kindhearted and generous.

One YouTuber puts it best: “Two very special, lovely, and adorable people. Very. She sees the value and promise in him. He sees the value and love in her. She knows what her age means to her. From the look on his face, I imagine he does as well. That shows a knowledge and understanding often far beyond his age.”


“He’s a very special little person,” Dorthy says.

To see just how special he is, watch this moving video of Ryan’s beautiful rendition of Inner Mongolian Folk Song.

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