Do you often go in the fast-food restaurants? If you do, then you continue reading and see why it’s a very bad decision.

You will definitely stop eating those chemical meals. You are probably not aware that while you eat your fast-food burger you are actually eating crushed duck or beetles feathers. Learn which are the most disgusting additives that you’re consuming when you go to the fast-food restaurants:

Duck Feathers: The most famous myth about McDonalds is the one that the hamburgers include cow eyeballs. Althoughit has never been proved, today we know that the company’s Baked Hot Apple Pie includes duck feathers, or however a substance originated from them. It sounds funny, but it’s true.

Pink Slime:  Everybody thinks that they are eating chicken while biting the McNuggetsfrom McDonald’s. This is not true as they contain bones and chicken carcass, chicken parts that no one wants to eat. Other compounds, like pink slime that contain ammonia for destroying bacteria and small levels of petroleum, can be also found in some of McDonald’s food.

Silly Putty Plastic: Dimethylpolysiloxane is some kind of siliconeand the stretchy toys McDonald’s give include it too. It doesn’t allow them to floatso it’s also used in the fryer oils. These oils are used by McDonald’s for friesandtheir Filet-O-Fish. Thiswouldn’t be so surprising if these oils are used for everything deep-fried in the other fast-food restaurants.

Wood (cellulose): The cellulose or wood pulp is used in the fast-food restaurants for stabilizing and thickening their food products, enhance the fiber levelsandsubstitute fat.

Petroleum-derived preservatives (TBHQ): It is made from ingredients gained from petroleum and it can be found in the processed foods. It’s used in total of 18 food products by the McDonald’s company like their Walnut Salad and Fruit and Griddle Cakes to McNuggets.

Soil fertilizer (ammonium sulfate): Ammonium sulfate is used in the food industry as “yeast food for bread”. It can be find in many bakery products and it’s sold by the fast-food restaurants.

According to the statistics 40 years ago $6 billion were spent on fast food yearly, while today the number increases up to $200 billion. This is the reason why the fast-food industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world.


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