You’ll Love this Temporary Remodel for Renters

Living as a tenant can put a damper on how you decorate your rented home. You want to do more than add a few accessories and houseplants, but don’t want to incur the wrath of your landlord.

Rules rule as do neutral walls and generic flooring. You want to spruce things up with a touch of character. Your place is screaming for some TLC and personality, and luckily there are some workarounds that won’t get you in trouble.

Isabelle of Engineer Your Space showed up to help one family tackle the kitchen in their temporary home. With a budget of $500, she was tasked with livening up the drab white and gray space with the ladies’ style.

Image of kitchen in rented property.EngineerYourSpace

In the video, the women shared that they wanted something eclectic yet functional. Keeping in mind that this is a rental, Isabelle’s ideas included some reversible remodeling that would leave their security deposit intact once they moved out. Here we highlight a couple of ways Isabelle worked her magic to give the dull space a dose of color.

Peel-and-Stick Tiles:

When you think of peel-and-stick, what comes to mind? We wouldn’t be surprised if you said vinyl floor tiles. Not here! Isabelle used Smart Tiles to go on the walls. Designed for kitchens and bathrooms, they’re made of a plastic material with an adhesive backing.

For this project, Isabelle used a beautiful pattern with mix of blue and gold. With only a utility knife and level, she applied the Smart Tiles which can later be removed with a hair dryer. What you don’t see every day is the detachable molding that she attached on the tiling’s edge. Nifty!

Window Treatment:

To add some flair and depth to the room, Isabelle created a wooden valance for the window. For a total of $10, she purchased some wood, hardware and custom-colored paint to match the tile. Her smart design included brackets that rest on top of the cabinets, allowing the cornice to slide out.

Watch the video to see what else Isabelle did to upgrade this kitchen with reversible features. Fellow renters may also notice other potential opportunities for on-and-off décor. Adhesive tiles are not the only options for dreary walls. In case your landlord doesn’t permit paint, there’s also removable wallpaper! Like Smart Tiles, it comes with a sticky backing that’s easy to peel off when it’s time for you to make a move.

That’s not all. When it comes to self-adhesive kitchen décor options, you can also grab something for your appliances. For the rest of the house, washi tape is also known for its easy-come, easy-go abilities. It can be used to dress walls, appliances, furniture, and more – all on your own!

Isabelle’s slick kitchen makeover cost just under $500 and it’s super chic. Don’t let rules limit how you spruce up your own rented digs – try one of these clever tricks!

What are your thoughts on this reversible kitchen redo? Have you killed it in the rental décor department? What are some of your tips?

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