This Is Why You Should Never Throw Away Banana Peels!

If you’re like most people, you probably see banana and orange peels as nothing more than protection for the goodness that lives underneath.

But did you know that those two peels in particular contain a whole host of amazing compounds and nutrients? When you mindlessly toss them in the trash, you’re throwing away lots and lots of potential benefits – benefits we’ll explore in this article.


I guarantee that after learning the truth about banana and orange peels, you’ll never throw them away again!


Remember, as with oranges, make sure you buy organic and wash the peel thoroughly before you go further.

Banana peels are considerably tougher to chew straight than orange peels. Jessica Orwig writing for Business Insider recommends blending a banana peel into a smoothie or frying, baking or boiling it for 10 minutes to loosen up the tough texture.

Once you’ve got that out of the way, prepare for some awesome benefits!

Banana Peels

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