You Know that Drawer Under Your Oven? Take Your Extra Pans Out of It- It’s Not for Storage! Here’s Its True Purpose

Sometimes common items that you thought that you knew well are ANYTHING what they seem. Take ovens, for instance. These kitchen staples have always come with that nifty pull-out drawer at the bottom. But, did you know that you have probably been using it wrong all this time? Here’s the deal.

I know that when I told this to my group of girlfriends, they were incredulous—to put it nicely! What do you mean we’ve been using the drawer wrong? What the heck else can it be used for? They, like most of us, had been taking advantage of this drawer and using it as storage space for pots, pans, and cookie sheets. Sounds familiar, right?

Well, ACTUALLY, this drawer was originally built to be used as a warming spot for baked food. Yep, we were surprised, too!

You see, it turns out that, if you own one of these ovens – they’re more common than you think! – than you have possibly been serving up luke-warm food to late dinner guests for years!

The warmer acts similarly to the heated lights that restaurants have in their kitchens. It’s not meant to cook the food, but it will keep its core temperature level for longer.

So, how do you know if your oven comes equipped with this glorious mechanism? Well, your best bet is to look back at your appliance manual before you just start sticking food in the drawer.

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