Weight Watchers recently introduced a new plan called SmartPoints™.

The Smart Points value is based on calories, protein, saturated fat and sugar. It takes how your body processes food into account and takes the hard work out of making healthy, filling choices. It gives you credit for eating more lean protein and less sugar and saturated fat.



Weight Watchers Smart Points Explanation

Instead of Old Points or Plus Points, you will start counting Smart Points. SmartPoints are intended to get you to eat less empty calories and more filling foods.

Calculating SmartPoints Values: Smart Points are calculated based on calories, protein, sugars and saturated fat. No more counting total fat, fiber and carbs. Point are calculated with calories and increase as you add saturated fat and sugars, and decrease as you add protein.

Weekly SmartPoints Allocation: You’ll start with at least 30 SmartPoints out the gate, so if you were eating less PlusPoints, you’ll get more! The 49 weekly points are gone and you’ll get extra depending on the results of your assessment.

Protein: Protein without much fat yields low point values. In fact, lean meats are often 1-2 points less per serving than they were on the PointsPlus program. This is great for chicken breast, turkey and tuna lovers.

Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and veggies are still zero SmartPoints, which is awesome. Calories in recipes still count, but they’re not counted in the SmartPoints value. However, if you’re having a fruit juice or a smoothie, you’ll need to add those points. Weight Watchers wants you to eat the good stuff in the fruit, not just drink it.

Sugar and sweets: You’ll get hit hard when it comes to snaking on this program. Most sweets are a few points more per serving on the new program.

Weight Watchers Recipes with Smart Points

We are in the process of updating all the recipes on our site with their respective Smart Points values. In the meantime, you can manually calculate the SP value of any recipe using this formula:SP = (Calories + (4 x Sugar) + (9 x Saturated Fat) – (3.2 x Protein)) / 33 or by using our handyWeight Watchers Smart Points calculator.

You could also use this handy 2016 SMART Points Calculator from Weight Watchers to help you figure out food points and reach your weight loss goals!

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