Gayle King Loses 4 Pounds After Her First Week With Weight Watchers

Let the weight loss journey begin!


Gayle King surprised us all when she shared her weight on Instagram earlier this month. After stepping on the scale at home, the CBS This Morning star revealed she weighs 184 pounds at 60 years old.

As soon as she saw the number, the journalist pledged to herself that she was going to change.

“Oh Noooo just weighed in. Thought I was 5 lbs less and felt bad about THAT,” she shared on social media. “Was planning to start @WeightWatchers Monday after a last supper weekend. Now starting TODAY!!!”

As it turns out, King is a woman of her word.


Despite a jam-packed schedule that included visits to the U.S. Open and a trip to San Francisco, the morning show host was able to make some huge progress.

“First week on @weightwatchers!” she shared on Instagram Monday afternoon. “So far no cheating…Long long way to go…” She may just be at the start of her journey, but she’s already lost an impressive four pounds. Go Gayle!

This isn’t the first time the mother-of-two has tried a new diet program. Back in February, King decided to follow Beyoncé‘s lead and join a vegan diet.

“Fatter than I have ever been!” she wrote at the time. “Help has just arrived in the form of @Beyonce 22 day vegan diet…Very new for me so we shall see. Thinking its Beyoncé approved so off we go.”

Today, it’s all about staying focused and counting points under a program that has proven to work forJessica Simpson, Jennifer Hudson and Charles Barkley. Best of luck, girl. We’re rooting for you.