Wrap Your Fingers In Ordinary Tin Foil For This Brilliant Nail Polish Removal Hack

I love to paint my nails.

It makes me feel so much more put together, even if I’m just wearing sweatpants and a men’s T-shirt. There’s just that special something that you feel when your nails look nice.

Glitter nail polish is such a fun way to give yourself that extra little boost of fun. It really catches the eye!

However, it seems like you’re stuck wearing it until it decides to chip off all on its own. This can take weeks, during which time you are nervously picking at the stuff. This seemingly lifetime commitment to glitter nail polish might discourage you from wearing it all together. That’s such a shame!

The good news is that there is a secret to getting it off that’s easy, breezy, and simple as pie. All you need are some cotton swabs, some tin foil, some nail polish remover, and a bit of patience. No elbow grease required, I promise!

After you discover how easy this little trick is, you won’t ever pass up the opportunity to wear glitter nail polish again!

Do you have any other tricks for removing nail polish that don’t involve multiple cotton swabs and way too much effort? It seems like there is always someone out there with yet another genius hack!

What is your favorite way to make yourself pretty, other than a great, glittery and glitzy manicure? I also love to treat myself with a fancy clarifying face mask every once in a while.

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Thumbnail source: Flickr /Lelê Breveglieri

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