After Weighing 336 Pounds From Drinking Six Sodas A Day, She Goes Under The Knife To Make Herself Feel Better Again

A woman was concerned that she may lose her boyfriend if she told him about his upcoming surgery. She was surprised by what he said. Read on for more details!

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Lisa Jackson, 29 years old, reached her lowest point when she weighed 336 pounds due to her daily intake of six Coca-Cola drinks that give her a total of 800 calories per day. She spent more than $9,000 and six hours in surgeries that involved a tummy tuck, SWNS reports.

Although she went to the gym to try to lose some of her weight, she still had to deal with her appearance. The more she loses weight, the more her excess skin starts to sag off. Despite this, she started to feel more confident about her body and could start thinking of getting a more flattering swimsuit.

A photo of her belly that was cut off during the surgery was saved in her phone to remind herself to strive for better.

Lisa, who works as an area manager, said, “After working so hard to lose half my bodyweight, finding my dream man and getting a taut flat belly is the icing on the cake. I was absolutely amazed by the skin removal picture. I didn’t ask doctors to take it but now I’m glad they did.

“I keep it on my phone and look at it as a reminder of how hard I worked and how much I went to achieve my dream body. Most people would look at it and be disgusted – but for me it’s a reminder of what I’ve done.

“The photo is a reminder of how I turned my life around, Whenever I doubt myself, I look at that and know I can do anything.”

Lisa admitted that she was indulged herself with junk food and sedimentary lifestyle when was a teenager. According to SWNS, her daily meal plan before composed of “toast, a chip butty and large home-cooked meal, along with crisps and chocolate stacks, all washed down with six cans of full fat Coca-Cola.”

Lisa scheduled an appointment with a doctor to discuss abdominoplasty at the Harley Medical in London. She got help finally from her parents and her savings.

While she was getting ready for her surgery, Lisa met Ryan Atkinson, 27 years old, at the gym while they were both doing weights. Ryan, who’s a warehouse worker, asked her to join him and her friend in working out. Then, they started going out.

Lisa felt the need to tell him about her upcoming surgery. Ryan then reassured her that he “loved her whether she had surgery or not.”


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