10 Things Women Do Only When They Are in Love

10 Things Women Do Only When They Are in Love

Everything changes when you fall in love. Well, actually, everything stays the same but your perspective changes and you start seeing things differently and acting differently too. The sun seems to shine brighter, the cold weather outside doesn’t bother you, the rain is no longer a valid reason to cancel plans and stay in. You feel happier and more motivated etc. But then there are some other little things women do when they’re in love. We bet you do this too.

1. Ignore All Other Guys

Once women fall in love they just forget about all the other guys they might’ve fancied before. They just no longer exist to us. That hot guy at work you had a crush on? No longer seems hot or worthy of attention. That barista you used to flirt with all the time? Who is he? We don’t know him.

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