Woman With Thick Facial Hair Shuts Down Bullies By Doing Exactly What They Don’t Want Her To Do.

A woman from Bronx, New York decided that it was time for her to stop hiding and show what she was really going through by letting her beard grow. Read on for more details!

When Alma Torres was only 16 years old, she was diagnosed with a rare condition called Polycystic ovary syndrome, which gave her an adequate amount of facial hair. Aside from the hair, Torres also suffers from weight gain and infertility because of the syndrome. However, she had decided to let it go and accept who she is, The Sun reports.

Torres works as a photographer. Her boyfriend, Taylor, had supported her decision. They had been going out for five years.

Torres, who lives in Bronx, New York, said, “I have been called ‘ugly’, others have said ‘I should kill myself’. People have told me ‘go wax your ugly a**’ and have called me cancer. People usually don’t make comments in front of me. Most are over the internet but I will get stares.”

Torres had understood that the cruel and vile comments that she would receive from trolls were actually from the insecurities they had always felt with themselves. Because of her resiliency and body positivity, Torres hoped that her story could inspire others, especially women, who were born with the similar conditions.

Torres said, “Having the beard has made me such a better person. I feel more confident and I want to encourage other women with PCOS to feel the same. I know how other women feel and I just want them to know that I’m there for them and that you can be who you are and you can be beautiful.”

Just in August last year, Torres had finally decided that it was time for her to stop caring and let her beard grow out without worrying about other people’s comments and feelings.

Taylor, Torres’ boyfriend, said, “It’s just hair. That’s normal. I wouldn’t know what to say about PCOS but I know my girlfriend has it and it’s a struggle everyday but she pushes through. She’s still beautiful to me and her beard doesn’t define her.

“It’s just hair and it doesn’t have anything to do with how a person feels and should never be able to change that. It’s what is inside that matters. It’s something that’s natural and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Aside from the growth of her beard hair, Torres also suffers from cramps and ovary pains. The couple also had to accept the truth that they would never be able to conceive a child of their own.

Torres said, “I want to tell other PCOS sufferers that this is who you are but if you want to change it then its fine but if you feel comfortable then don’t change. I don’t want to change. Maybe here and there I will but I’m happy with the way I am.”

source : .healthypage.com

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