Individuals having their drinks spiked at restaurants, bars and night clubs are an unfortunate part of our reality.

The most common goals are to sexually exploit or rob the victim, the majority of which are women.

This gruesome act does not only happen in public places – one must also beware of environments such as house parties where one might mistakenly assume they are safe.

Four students from North Carolina State University decided they wanted to try to do something to help prevent these terrible happenings.

Their solution? Effective and genius!

As part of a university course, the four sharp minded individuals came up with a smart and discreet solution to help protect women from men trying to exploit them. The project was named “Undercover Colors”.

The young men created a special nail polish which can detect various substances in liquids. One need simply sneak their finger into their drink if they suspect something strange – if the nail polish changes color, then it contains drugs.

To spread awareness of their work, the students created a Facebook page, Instagram account and their own website.

The plan is to also produce a clear nail polish, so that men (who typically don’t wear colored polish) can protect themselves by using this clever invention, too.

The product is still in its development stage and limited to react to a certain number of common drugs.

What a uniquely easy and smart way to protect oneself! I love how simple it is – all one need do is slip the tip of their finger into their glass, and voila!

If the test proves positive, the idea is that one can quickly contact the police – which could hopefully help apprehend perpertrators from having new victims.

It’s sad that such a product should be needed in the first place, but I like to think that it can also be used as a preventative measure and scare off anyone actually thinking of committing such a crime.

Until this product becomes available, remember to never let your drink out of your sight!

The nail polish has not begun to be sold publicly yet, but I still think we should applaud this great initiative. Great job guys

source : diyhealth.tips

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