Woman Chewing On Salad Notices Something Seems ‘Off’, Looks Down To Make Disturbing Find

At the West Covina BJ’s restaurant in California, a woman found something unpleasant in her food. Shawna Cepeda said that her salad tasted bitter and found a frog in it, much to her disgust.  She immediately alerted the restaurant management, whom disposed the frog. A week later, health code inspectors found no health code violations at the restaurant. Shawna Cepeda later wrote a Yelp review of her experience at the restaurant on the 14th of June. She stated that she did not have to pay for her meal, but only for her drinks.

After voicing her complaint to the restaurant’s corporate office, she was compensated with a $50 gift card. Frogs are known to carry bacteria such as salmonella which can make a person ill. Ever since the incident, Shawna said that she had been feeling ill.

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