Wings Worth the Wait – Who Can Resist?

I liked that these wings were fried and baked. The sauce was really good too. It has some heat, but not too much. Great for your next tailgate or movie night!

Teresa Clayton : These wings are delicious. A bit of heat and a bit of sweet. My husband talks me into making them every Sunday for the football games. Leftovers are yummy as well!

Every single time I have people over to my house, I always get at least one request for chicken wings. I made everyone these amazing chicken wings that I found on Real House Moms several years ago, and all the people that had a chance to try them instantly feel in love with them. Now, I can’t get away with trying to sneak them off the menu. It’s simply not happening. They are pretty simple to make though, so I don’t have any issue doing.

The flavor in them comes from something that you may not ever think of… root beer! Who would have thought you could put soda in your chicken and it would make it taste better? Not me, but I’m okay with doing it that’s for sure.

I usually have to double up on this recipe because they disappear so quickly. If I’m lucky enough to get leftovers, I look forward to their amazing taste the following day.


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