Why you want to use a razor and cream to rid paint stains

If you are an artist or a craftsman, you will find a lot of use from this video. Painting is a great way to express your ideas and emotions. It’s enjoyable, relaxing, and a great way for people of all ages to unleash their creativity. However, it can get messy.
With this helpful tip, never ruin your favorite shirt or rug again. With just a few simple materials you probably have lying around the house, you can get even the toughest stains out, including acrylic paint. Keep reading for step by step instructions.
1. Razor
2. Dish sponge
3. Soiled fabric
4. Shaving cream
1. Locate the paint stain
Let’s say you didn’t just smudge a small amount of paint on your pants, but you accidentally squirted out a big glob anywhere but your artist’s palette. When you notice this, don’t rub it in quite yet. First, go gather your cleaning materials: a razor, shaving cream, and a sponge.

2. Spread out paint
If you are looking at a giant glob of paint on your favorite shirt, first try spreading out the paint with the razor. This will help take up some of the paint without rubbing it too deep into the fabric.

3. Grab your sponge
Next, you’ll want to grab a clean sponge from the kitchen and dampen it with some cool water. Add a small amount of shaving cream and start rubbing away the paint. Be sure to squeeze the paint out of the sponge as you go.

4. Let dry
After you’ve gotten all the paint out, let your once soiled fabric dry and ta-da! Stain free!

Other tips
1. Instead of using shaving cream, you could also try to use dishwashing detergent mixed with cool water.
2. Always try to remove the stain as quickly as you notice it. Once the paint dries, more than one method might need to be used to fully remove the stain.
3. If the paint does dry before you notice it, you may try using rubbing alcohol or hairspray to get the stain out.

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