Why Are Dryer Sheets Harmful and What to Replace Them With

Are you a fan of the dryer sheets? Are they a must when it comes to laundry time? Then you will want to read this.
For many people putting a dryer sheet in the laundry is something usual, harmless and also a routine. Because you end up having laundry that smells clean and fresh.
And clean and fresh smell should mean healthy, right? Actually, no.
Not according to one scientific research that was published in The Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health in May 2000.

In fact, the researchers performed their research on mice. These mice actually inhaled the substances from laundry that was dried with the use of dryer sheets.
However, the seemingly healthy and fresh smells are actually detrimental when it comes to our respiratory system and the overall health.
According to the abstract of this study, the results are with toxicological basis. That explains some complaints from people that experience adverse reactions to the emissions of particular fabric softeners.
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