When She Pours Lemon Juice into Milk, You Might be Confused. But Just Wait Until You See What She’s Making

When you want to make a dish that’s light and tender – and add just a little bit of extra, slightly tart flavor! – you can’t do better than reach for a bottle of buttermilk. It’s one pantry staple of which we never seem to have enough, and we’re always having to run out to the store to grab some more.

Plus, buttermilk is useful for all kinds of culinary tricks, and it’s a great DIY remedy for a poison ivy rash, too. Is it any wonder that we’re all always running out of it?

Since there’s nothing worse than not having a key ingredient right when you’re craving some biscuits, waffles or fried chicken, we had to wonder if there was anything that could save the day when we find ourselves in that predicament. Turns out, there’s an absolutely easy homemade buttermilk hack, and it uses only two ingredients you’re almost guaranteed to have on hand when the buttermilk runs dry: regular milk, and lemon juice.

Yes, that’s all you need to whip up a perfect substitution. As the folks at Statosphere explain in the video below, the only thing required is mixing the milk and the lemon juice together in the right proportions, then setting it aside to sit at room temperature for about 5 minutes. Then all you need to do is use the mixture as you would regular buttermilk.

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