What Everyone Needs to Know About Getting Rid of Mold

It’s not a pretty topic. It’s not a fun topic. It’s not something anybody wants to even consider— but somebody’s got to do it. Friends, today we’re tackling one of nature’s peskiest, most disgusting creatures: mold. We don’t use the term “creature” mildly, either; it’s just accurate. You might already know this important fact, but it’s one that’s easy to forget: mold is an organism, reproducing and infiltrating our homes in ways not dissimilar to insects or other pests. As such, simply cleaning it or wiping it away isn’t enough. It’s alive, and we have to kill it.

Sound dramatic? Maybe. But considering that mold – and its annoying little brother, mildew – are linked to respiratory issues from a persistent cold to full-blown asthma attacks, we’re not reallyoverstating the issue. We’re also not about to scare you and leave you in the lurch! Oh no. Instead, we’ve gathered up everything we know about mold to give you the most comprehensive guide we can to understanding it, killing it, preventing it, and ridding our lives of it. Read on.

The Basics: Mold vs. Mildew, And What It All Is

If you had to define mold, how would you? Most people get stuck describing it as “green, fuzzy stuff,” and while that’s not untrue, there’s a little more to it, and understanding it – and the differences between full-grown mold and mildew – can go a long way with helping you prevent and treat it.

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