We Should All Know This Things About Our Blood Type!

Our blood is divided into 4 groups which have their own characteristics. The blood type is determined by birth, and plays a big role in our life.

Here’s how it’s connected to various aspects of our life:

  • Blood type and nutrition

Our body undergoes numerous chemical reactions during the day, which makes the blood type very important for weight loss. People with different blood types should consume different kinds of food – those with blood type O should focus on fish and meat, people with blood type A should avoid meat and focus on vegetables, people with blood type B should eat red meat more often, while people from the AB blood group should eat lean meat and sea food.

  • Blood type and offspring

Most of the people in the world (85%) are Rh+. People with Rh+ and Rh- should never have children as mixing these blood group systems increases the risk of several diseases.

  • Blood type and illnesses

Every blood type group is resistant to some, and more prone to other diseases and conditions. To prevent some diseases, you should know about your blood type group characteristics.

  • Blood type and weight problems

According to recent studies, the reason for your belly fat might be your blood group. People in the study with blood type A never had excess belly fat problems, while people with blood type O are more prone to it.

  • Blood type and pregnancy

Our blood type plays a big role in pregnancy. Some people conceive far easier than others – for example, people with AB blood type produce less follicle stimulating hormone, which allows you to get pregnant easier.

  • Blood type and stress

People from different blood types react to stress differently. Those with blood type O can easily get furious due to the higher levels of adrenaline, while the other groups are calmer.

  • Blood type and marriage

When it comes to marriage and children, some blood types should never be mixed. People with the A and B blood types shouldn’t mix as the Rh+ and Rh- factors shouldn’t be mixed. This is why a blood test is mandatory prior to marriage in some countries.

  • Blood type and emergencies

Everyone should carry their blood type card in their wallet as this info can be very useful in cases of emergencies.

Source : myhealthylifevision.net

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