Ways to Boost Your metabolism so you can get the figure you want

When it comes to getting healthy, keeping your metabolism revved up means you’re going to burn more fat and calories.

But to get your metabolism where you want it to be, you have to take care of the rest of your body, too. You need to make sure you’re eating enough, staying hydrated, packing protein into your meals and building up muscle that will burn fat and calories.
Often, though, the problem is that your metabolism naturally slows as you get older. But there are tips and tricks you can incorporate into your diet and lifestyle to get your metabolism running quicker. In the list below, you’ll find the best tips to help you get your metabolism amped up so you can achieve the healthy lifestyle you desire.

1. Make it an omega-3-rich meal
Omega-3 fatty acids are amazing for heart health, but they are also an incredible tool for amping up your metabolism. Health explains that omega-3s balance out blood sugar and reduce inflammation. Some studies have even shown that omega-3s might reduce your body’s resistance to the hormone leptin, which some researchers say is linked to how fast fat is burned.

2. Eat the right amount
If you’re looking to shed some weight, you know you have to cut calories. But cutting too many calories might have the opposite effect on your weight-loss goals. Our bodies need a certain amount of calories (or energy) to function properly. Prevention explains that when you don’t get enough, your body starts breaking down precious, calorie-burning muscle tissue. Women, for example, need about 1,200 calories a day for basic functioning, so keep that in mind.

3. Don’t forget breakfast
Arguably the most important meal of the day, Prevention says that breakfast jump-starts your metabolism and keeps your energy up all day long.

4. Get some muscle
Muscle burns calories; that’s why it’s so important to give your body enough energy so it doesn’t resort to breaking down its precious muscle tissue. WebMD explains that every pound of muscle uses about six calories a day just to keep going, whereas fat burns only two. Plus, building muscle through strength training keeps muscles activated all day, which raises your overall metabolic rate.

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