Want To Clear Mucus From Your Lungs And Give An Instant Boost To Your Immune System? Try This!

The immune system of the human body is the defense against the attacks of various microorganisms that enter our body via various means. It is comprised of various other tissues and organs in the body and together they fight these foreign bodies.

With the immune system, lungs are also one of the most important organs as they are responsible for the inhaling and storing oxygen, while exhaling carbon dioxide from the body through the nose. If the nose gets blocked due to mucus, it can affect the lungs as well. So in order to make it strong, you need to look into the magic drink that have shared, which boosts and strengthens the immune system. It is very good for both adults and kids and for kids as it will clear both the lungs, and boost the immune system.


Children are bound to fall sick since they play in all sorts of dirt, water and filth. Their immune systems are developing and making themselves stronger against the various diseases. The most common things that affect children are cold and cough. But if the cold and coughing persists, it could mean that mucus is building up in the lungs and it can be serious.

Mucus is something that is made by our bodies and it makes a lot of it; close to 1 to 2 liters of mucus is made every single day. Most of the time we spit it out, but when we or children suffer from cold, it tends to clog our breathing tubes and can become a general nuisance. The buildup can also be caused by allergies and other things. It becomes a serious issue if it persists or you see greenish color phlegm or blood mixed with the mucus. It means that something is wrong with your lungs and you need to see the doctor.


The major role of the immune system is to protect the body against diseases or against the foreign bodies which can cause potential harm. It identifies a number of threats, which may include viruses, bacteria, parasites and germs and differentiates between them and the body’s own healthy tissues and bacteria. The immune system consists of the lymph nodes, which produce and store the cells which are sent to fight against the viruses and bacteria of diseases. The next component of the immune system is the spleen, which contains the white blood cells, and controls the amount of blood in the body. The bone marrow is a component that produces white blood cells and stores the stem cells, which can morph into any human cell.

All of these components combined with some other parts of the body form the immune system and it keeps us safe from most of the diseases against which it produces anti-bodies, which kills the viruses that may morph into a disease. Here is a drink that can boost your immune system and do wonders for your lungs.


All you will need are oats, honey and water to make the magic drink.
Rinse the oats with water and mix them with 1 glass of honey and one glass of water.
The glass required to measure the honey and water should be of 100ml capacity.
Boil the mixture for a few minutes and leave it as it is for the night time.
In the morning strain the drink and store in a glass bottle.
You can keep the mixture refrigerated and it will last you the entire week.

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You need to drink 30-40ml of this drink on an empty stomach. Even a child can drink this and boost his/her immune system. You need to continue doing this for 40 days. Take a break of 15 days in the middle and repeat for 40 days. Do not miss the days and make sure you do it for 40 days. For kids, this can mean that the immune system will be strong enough to fight any kind of virus and bacteria and they do not need to repeat the process again and again.

This drink will completely eliminate the formation of excess mucus in your throat and lungs. The lungs will be cleared of any obstruction and they will be able to work freely. Your child will never wheeze or spit out gross colored phlegm.