Bee Venom Can Kill the HIV Virus (VIDEO)

According to the research from Washington University in St. Louis, a toxin found in bee venom can be used to destroy the HIV virus. Moreover, a study published in the journal “Antiviral Therapy” says that this toxin not only that kills the HIV cells, but it also leaves the surrounding cells intact.

More precisely, it is the nanoparticles which carry the toxin found in the bee venom and which destroy the virus that causes AIDS. The researchers now tend to incorporate the nanoparticle technology into a vaginal gel in order to prevent the spreading of HIV in highly infected areas

Generally, orthodox medicine practitioners don`t believe in alternative medicine. But, usually nature is the remedy for most human diseases. Moreover, the honey bee venom, called Apitoxin , is the major product of the bees and the effect that it has on human body is, in fact, positive.

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