How to Update and Organize Your Bathroom on a Small Budget!

Do you ever look at your bathroom and think: This room is so small, I can’t do anything with it! If so, then first take the time to acknowledge that you are not alone!

We all could use more counter space to put on our makeup in the morning, right? So, today we’re going to show you a video that teaches you how to create space in a small room. Skeptical? We’ll show you how to do it!

YouTubers Melissa and Chad from the channel Clean My Space are practically experts on how to simplify home décor and organization. Recently, the handy couple took 150 Canadian dollars—that’s roughly 115 bucks here in the States—and completely transformed Chad’s bathroom. Here’s how you can do it yourself!

  1. Reclaim valuable “real estate”

    Melissa kicks off the redecorating session by nixing all of the items that, due to their shape, take up too much space.

    She puts forth the example of the original trash can, which was quite round and bulky. The organizer realizes that Chad’s missing a storage opportunity here, so she swaps it out for a thinner wastebasket. Both the old and new one are roughly the same size, but the thinner shapes makes a big difference!

  2. Take every opportunity to stack

    toilet paper container

    Buying toilet paper in bulk is cheaper and more convenient than buying a couple of rolls at a time, but those large packs do nothing to help a storage issue!

    Chad, like a lot of us out there, had just been stacking the unused toilet paper on the back of the tank UNTIL Melissa realized that they could create so much more space by simply stacking the rolls. She found a super cute candle holder and piled them inside. It’s a great way to stay chic and save space. Genius!

  3. Upcycle your baskets and containers

    Upcycling gift wicker baskets and oversized plastic containers can be your first step in becoming more organized.

    Stick one on the tank of your toilet and under or on top of your sink area. You can even purchase an over-the-door holder that hangs off of any ledge. You’ll be surprised by how many new storage areas can be “created” when you start to use these handy guys. Smart!

  4. Up your bath towel game

    If you’ve never dried yourself off after a hot shower with a luxury towel, then you don’t know what you’re missing!

    Now, I know what you’re thinking—this isn’t necessarily an outright money-saving idea, but it can be if you look at it from a long-term perspective. These towels last longer and have a better level of absorbency than the cheap ones. Go ahead, treat yourself!

To learn about even more smart bathroom hacks, as well as some bonus cleaning DIYs, be sure to click on Clean My Space’s video below. Happy organizing!

What do you think of Melissa and Chad’s small bathroom wisdom? How do you keep your bathroom neat and streamlined? Do you think that these two missed out on creating even more space in their bathroom? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!

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