How To Upcycle a Wooden Table With The Tree of Life Mandala Stencil

Welcome back, Cutting Edge Stencils fam! You all LOVED the final outcome of this stenciled wooden table so we decided to show you how to do it! Think twice before throwing away your old wooden furniture! Using our antiquing techniques and trendy mandala stencils, you can create a brand new wooden table for your DIY home decor! This step by step tutorial is super easy and you can choose from our large list of stencil designs to make it your own, but today is about our !


There are a few steps we have to take before stenciling on the natural wood top. This would be stripping away the current clear coat thats on the table. Here we are using Klean Strip Premium stripper. But, any brand will work just fine and you can find them at any local hardware store.

After waiting 15 minutes like the directions said, we are going to scrape off the top layer. You can scrape it using any sharp object such as a small razor blade we have used below! Just be sure not to scrape the top of your wood!

Next, we want to remove that brown stain that was sitting under the top coat. Using 120 to 220 grit sand paper, we will sand it off so we can stencil on the original wood. An important part of refurbishing your old wood is keeping the existing details.

Now, let’s prep the legs. We are going to create some adhesion by sanding the legs with 120 grit sand paper.


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