Why You Should Never Eat Tilapia

Tilapia is considered to be one of the most popular fish in the USA, but unfortunately, did you know it can be very dangerous? It can definitely cause various illnesses and diseases.
They don’t feed naturally. When they are in the wild, they eat lake plants and algae, but if they are grown on a farm, they are fed with soy pellets and GMO corn. This fish doesn’t contain healthy fish oil which is one of the reasons it’s not that good for us. Almost all of the tilapia that is sold in the USA is treated with hormones. Producers mostly use a drug called 17alpha-methytestosterone. If a tilapia farmer has all males, they’ll produce more fish in a shorter time period.
All fish that are farmed contain less Omega-3 fatty acids and more fat because they swim in a very small area. They have food constantly. This tilapia raised in farms contains increased levels of omega-6 which makes it cause inflammations in our body. Numerous studies have proved that tilapia that is raised on farms has increased concentrations of dioxin, PCBs, as well as many other contaminants which cause cancer. Farmed fish are abundant in higher concentrations of contaminants. According to researcher, when we eat farmed fish, we increase our risk for acquiring cancer. They also contain a very small amount of nutrients, so why would we eat them?

Many people consume more fish because they want to intake more healthy nutrients, but unfortunately that’s not the case with farmed fish. They also contain a smaller amount of proteins.
Farmed fish contain more dioxin than wild fish. The amount of dioxin in them is 11 times higher. This chemical is very toxic. It can contribute to the appearance of numerous illnesses and diseases as well as cancer. When dioxin enters our system, we need a lot of time to remove it. Its half-life is from 7 to 11 years.
Try to find fish that isn’t grown in farms. Make sure you buy it from places which have good sanitary conditions and good regulations. Try to protect yourself as well as the health of your family.


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