A look at three fad diets: paleo, gluten-free and Weight Watchers


A rigorous workout routine is essential to keeping that bathing suit body — but nutrition is just as important.

The amount of time spent in the gym depends on how committed a person is to being physically fit — but it can only influence your overall well-being with healthy eating choices.

Kaitlin Simmler, who works as a Beachbody coach, goes to the gym five days a week for an intense, 30-minute workout — but says her diet remains key.

“It all depends on what you eat,” she says. “If you’re not eating right, then the workout doesn’t help.”

Simmler, like other health enthusiasts, promotes eating clean — foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and unprocessed meats.

However, with all the new diet trends and fitness fads it’s harder than ever to determine what is the best course of action.

Here is a look at three:

Paleo diet

This is one of the more popular choices, consisting of excluding processed food as well as grain and dairy products. Basically, if a caveman couldn’t eat it, you can’t either.

The benefits of this diet include a higher likelihood of losing weight because of limited food options. When on this diet, you won’t be consuming any additives or preservitives.

However, there are also downsides. The lack of dairy can be problematic for bone health, and lack of grain products can be detrimental to energy levels.


People who have gluten sensitivities cannot eat gluten, because it can cause inflammation to the small intestine and lead to other health issues.

Other benefits of this diet include improving digestion, energy levels, and even depression.

But the cons include a lack of fiber and carbohydrate intake if one is not educated on alternative options, and more time on meal preparation.

Weight Watchers

There are several other paid programs geared to help you lose weight, such as the popular Weight Watchers.

The program teaches all things in moderation, and promotes portion control to make meal times more manageable. The cons are that the program can be pricey, and weekly weigh-ins are required.

Experts say that the main thing to do when dieting is to consider your goals.

Most people lead busy lives between work, family, and other obligations — leaving little time to prepare healthy meals.

Getting on a healthy schedule and commiting to it are the best ingredients for success.

Finding time to buy and prepare healthy foods for eating and including a fitness routine are the best proven ways to lose weight.

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