Eating is a daily activity that we can never avoid and deprive ourselves from doing.


This is where we get our fuel to go about each day. A lot of things happen to our body when we eat. Among these effects is the rising on the level of blood sugar. People, most of all those who are suffering from diabetes, are greatly affected by the rise in blood sugar level, that’s why there is a need to monitor how they eat, what they eat, and how often should they eat.

Good thing there are food that people with diabetes can rely on controlling their blood sugar level, and one of these “super food” are eggs. Surprised? Well, here are reasons why this “super food” can help you control your blood sugar level.


Very low glycemic index level

According to, eggs do not have a glycemic index value because they contain less than 1 gram of carbohydrate and therefore do not influence your blood sugar levels. Eggs are among the food that have the lowest to no glycemic index, and therefore does not contribute to the rising of one’s blood sugar level.

Improves your blood sugar

Studies have shown that eating eggs in the morning help in lowering the blood sugar, insulin, as well as cholesterol l level of a person. Men and women who were given hard boiled eggs in the morning have improved and lowered their blood sugar and insulin level compared to those who were given a bagel for breakfast for one week.

Makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time

Having one or two eggs in the morning can make you feel more filled-in. Being packed with the protein and essential nutrients you need for the whole day, eggs have the ability to somehow satisfy the satiety index level of a person. If you consume an egg or two in the morning, you will most likely consume lesser calories in the following meals of the day.

There are a lot of egg breakfast diet plans available on line in case you would like to try its effectiveness. Eggs may also be incorporated in other meals of the day for a week, and the results may highly be favorable to those who suffer from diabetes, and plainly to those who would like to lose some weight.

Eggs can be very helpful in so many ways. Aside from being cheap and versatile, it is also among the healthiest food in the world. Dieticians and other experts recommend a consumption not more than 3 eggs a day. They also warn people of the possible contamination of salmonella in some cases of egg consumption.

Eggs are healthier when hardboiled. If you want to eat eggs, it is better to boil it rather than frying it because of the cholesterol you can get from the oil you used in cooking the egg.

Nevertheless, eggs are really the gift of life and nature to those who are suffering from health conditions like diabetic people.


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