The Easiest Diamond Ring Cleaner You’ve Ever Seen

One day while I was working, I happened to look down at my hand and spot my dull diamond ring. Disgraceful! I had let the diamond build up a subtle film of grime and hadn’t even noticed it. I knew I had to make it sparkle again, but how? I’d read this tip about using water and window cleaner in a number of places, but I was afraid to try it out. Then my friend, whose father is a jeweler, said her dad swears this trick makes his rings shine. And after giving it a go, I can say that it’s definitely the best jewelry cleaner I’ve ever tried!
Time: 10 Minutes Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easy
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I started by grabbing my favorite window cleaner, a microwaveable glass bowl, and an old toothbrush. With these supplies in hand, I headed to my kitchen and placed everything on the counter by the microwave. Step 2: Microwave a Bowl of Water
  • diamond ring cleaner, cleaning tips, how to
I filled my microwaveable bowl with half a cup of water and slid it into the microwave. I heated the water for around thirty seconds, until the bowl felt hot to the touch. You want it to be hot, but not boiling, so keep an eye on it, and add more or less time, depending on your microwave. Step 3: Add Window Cleaner
  • diamond ring cleaner, cleaning tips, how to
I took the bowl out of the microwave carefully, then grabbed my window cleaner. I added a few strong sprays of window cleaner to the bowl, so that bubbles gathered on top. Any window cleaner will do for this step.
  • diamond ring cleaner, cleaning tips, how to
When I was done, the water looked a little foamy. There’s no need to mix the solution – the spray mixes it enough for this trick to work like magic. Step 4: Drop in Your Diamond Ring.

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