The Coconut and Lemon Is a Mix for Making Grey Hair Dark Again

The grey hair is a bad thing for every woman and is a clear sign of aging. So women try anything to cover this with hair items and colors. But the effect is faded soon and there are side effects of this usage of items.

First, know that aging and greying of hair can have many causes like genes, bad health, bad diet. Sometimes cosmetics make such problems, hormones, pollution, smoking, stress, bad hair care, sinusitis, colds, thyroid issues…and less melanin makes hair brighter grey.

Instead of harsh chemicals and cosmetics, try natural methods. Also have a healthy diet. Try this natural cure with amazing items.

Lemon and coconut oil mix

You need:
  • Organic coconut oil
  • 3 tsp lemon juice

Mix the 2 items for a smooth mix. Apply this on the scalp, massage and after 60 min, shampoo it. Do this every week.

Why is this good?

The 2 items used are most healthy and versatile. The coconut removes microbes, has lauric acid and medium chain fats for making the hair healthy. It soothes the scalp, makes new hair grow, makes it stronger and not damaged and reverses the greyness. Also it leaves you with no dandruff and smooth hair.

The lemon stops early greying and has vitamins B and C, phosphorus for nourishing the hair.

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