The benefits of the Tai Yang acupressure point on your health

No need to reach for the ibuprofen next time you have a headache, dull tooth pain, or eye pain. Instead, you can try working a pressure point on your temple to rid yourself of these annoying pains. This technique has been used by the Chinese for centuries, and can be a very effective holistic way to ease these everyday pains.
Chinese Holistic Health Exercises says you start by rubbing your hands together to warm them up, and then apply a little bit of essential oil to your index and middle fingertips. A calming essential oil like lavender is going to help relax you, and help your fingers rub your temple more smoothly. Place your fingers on your temples – the side of your head about an inch outside your eyes – and rub in a circular motion while you focus on this area.
It’s important to note that if you experience severe eye, tooth, or head pain you should seek help from a trained medical physician.

Massage your temples to cure these common ailments:
1. Headache
Headaches can occur from daily stresses, but instead of reaching for the ibuprofen every time, try this simple technique that only requires concentration and a few minutes of your time.
2. Eye redness
Allergies or an existing eye condition may be leaving your eyes red and swollen. Try massaging this pressure temple pressure point to reduce redness in this sensitive area.
3. Eye pain
Pain in the eye can be extremely irritating, and debilitating – but fixing the problem might be as simple as taking 2 minutes to massage your temple.
4. Tooth pain
A dull, aching tooth leaves you feeling drained. Before you reach for the numbing cream or an over the counter pain reliever, see if rubbing your temple pressure point helps alleviate some of the pressure and pain.

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