This type of health condition is also known by the name edema – retention of fluids in the body. This condition causes swelling in your legs and it causes a great pain.

 – Edema can be caused by many reasons, such as:

– Excess consumption of processed foods.

– Excess consumption of foods high in salt.

– Side-effects of some drugs and medications.

– Poor circulation.

– Pregnancy.

– PMS.

But, you should know that sometimes it’s completely normal if your legs are swollen.

For example:

During pregnancy, if you stand or sit for a long time, etc. But, if you experience chronic ankle or leg swelling – this might be a sign that you suffer from peripheral edema. This type of health condition can cause some more serious problems, such as: liver disease, heart failure and kidney problems. So, if your ankle or leg swelling is not reduced after a while, then you should consult your doctor immediately.

You should also know that there are some herbal and natural home remedies, which are very useful and extremely beneficial in reducing swelling. This homemade remedies will help you get rid of the excess fluids and will reduce the swelling in your legs and ankles. Well, one of these natural and herbal remedies is the well-known herb – parsley.

Parsley has been used centuries ago, even by Hippocrates himself. Did you know that the name of this herb is actually a combination of two Greek words? The first one is “petrose”, which means rock (because parsley grows on rocky areas and stone walls). And the second one “selenium”, which is the ancient name for celery. Well, parsley actually means “rock celery”.

You should also know that there are two different parsley types – curly parsley and Italian parsley (which has flat leaves). People use this herb as a garnish in different types of salads and meals – but many people leave it aside and don’t actually consume it.

But, they are making a bid mistake, because many studies have found that its consumption can provide many health benefits and it can prevent many health problems, such as: asthma, allergies, menstrual pain, urinary tract infections, digestive problems. This amazing herb is also very useful in treating bronchitis, improves the breath, it reduces high blood pressure and it also promotes bone health.

As we mentioned before, this remarkable and super healthy herb has been used by Hippocrates himself. He used it as a tonic in treating rheumatism, kidney stones or an antidote for poison. According to the “Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook, this herb is an amazing and effective diuretic, which helps the kidneys to flush all excess fluids from the human body – edema.

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