Take off years of grease from your appliances with these 6 brilliant methods

Cleaning grease off an appliance is hardly anyone’s idea of a good time, but unless you enjoy feeling slightly guilty every time you avoid making eye contact with the top of your stove, knowing how to deal with it as quickly as possible is about as close to enjoyment most of us are going to get.
If you’re still hesitant to tackle those greasy spots, check out a few of these tips and get your kitchen looking brand new again!

1. Remove grease from microwave vents
To ensure your microwave functions safely, and properly, you should regularly clean the vent area to get rid of grease. Soak a damp cloth with vinegar and ring it out. Then use the wet rag to tackle the vent and inside of the microwave. You may need to use a pencil or other thin object to poke the rag into small crevices. This works with range vents too!

2. Straight baking soda
Pour baking soda on your greasy spots and scrub away the grease. Thrifty and Chic recommends adding fresh baking soda as soon as it becomes harder to get the grease off. Once you remove the grease, you’ll want to wipe down the appliance with a mixture of vinegar and water.

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