Susan Boyle’s Haunting Rendition Of “Unchained Melody” Is Leaving Everyone In Chills

Get ready for a beautiful and sensitive interpretation of a long-time favorite. With the voice of an angel, Susan Boyle is the perfect match for this classic tune. “Unchained Melody” has been synonymous with The Righteous Brothers ever since the 50’s, but Susan Boyle brings such charm to her rendition that it captures our hearts all over again.

Susan Boyle’s voice singing this melody makes it sound so honest, even innocent. She has a uniquely youthful tone to her voice, yet her maturity in music allows her to sing these older classics so naturally. Long-time fans of the Righteous Brothers agree that Susan nails it, in her very own way, and when she sings the high notes, you won’t need to be convinced of her sheer talent!


Listen to the way she relaxes her tone and her breathing in between phrases. She makes it sound effortless – and for Susan, we wonder if it really is effortless. Susan Boyle has realized a whole new potential in this song. The sweet sound coming from this video explains the initial reason why she took up singing and captivated everyone’s hearts from the beginning. And with the romantic strains of the orchestra surrounding her, it’s simply beautiful. You are going to love this delightful version of “Unchained Melody!”

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