Surprising ways to use toothpaste

Did you know toothpaste can help heal a bruise? This is just one of the many unusual home remedies using toothpaste that bloggers rave about!
1. Heal a bruise. recommends mixing toothpaste with lotion and applying the homemade salve to a bruise before bed. Loosely cover the bruise, and rinse the area in the morning. Repeat this process for two to three days to reduce swelling and help the bruise disappear faster.
2. Treat acne. Reader’s Digest says dabbing nonwhitening toothpaste (no gels!) on a pimple in the evening will dry up the zit by the next morning.
3. Deodorize hands. If you’ve been cutting garlic or handling fish, you may feel desperate to rid your hands of those nasty smells. Reader’s Digest says toothpaste deodorizes hands in the same way it does your mouth.
4. Soothe a bug bite. Care 2 recommends dabbing a drop of toothpaste on a bug bite or insect sting to soothe the itch or pain. This home remedy works for all sorts of skin ailments, from sores to blisters.
5. Clean fingernails. For shinier, stronger nails, scrub them regularly with toothpaste, as recommended by Care 2. If it works for your teeth, it should work for your nails too, right? Make sure to scrub both under and over the nails.
6. Shine silver and brass. You might be surprised to learn that toothpaste has applications outside the body. It can also be used to shine and buff silver and brass, according to Coupon Sherpa. The website recommends lightly scrubbing your precious metals with a soft toothbrush treated with a dab of toothpaste. Rinse the materials thoroughly, and polish with a soft cloth.
7. Clean a bathroom sink. Toothpaste functions as a natural abrasive and deodorizer and therefore works wonders on bathroom sinks. Coupon Sherpa says toothpaste is also useful in shining chrome faucets and ridding them of water stains. Simply rub with a dab of toothpaste and then rinse.

8. Make scuffs disappear. Remove scuffs on leather and linoleum, as recommended by Coupon Sherpa. For leather shoes and purses, rub the scuff with a soft cloth and rinse with a damp cloth. To clean linoleum, scrub the residue using toothpaste and a dry cloth.
Watch the video below to see these tips in action:
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