How to Starve Cancer to Death by Removing This One Thing from Your Diet

The risk of cancer is increased by many factors, ranging from emotions to the environment that surrounds us.

Still, the main factor is the food we intake, because our overall health depends of what we consume in our body. We need to remove only one thing from our diet, and we’ll be able to starve the cancer until death.

Sugar-Cancer’s Fuel


Since the 1920’s several health experts together with Dr. Otto Wartburg have been debating about the relation between cancer and sugar, and how the cancer is fueled by sugar. The doctors today know about this, and still they aren’t recommending their patients to avoid sugar in their diet as well as processed foods.

The German physiologist Nobel laureate, medical doctor, leading biochemist was pointing that the cancer can be starved until death. He stated that it will not be easy, but will surely help in the fight against this disease.

In his theory that he supported he believed that the tumor growth and malignant cells were created by cells that released energy through a nonoxidative degradation of glucose (sugar) through adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The flow of adhA back into the organism and the recycling of the metabolite from this process known as glycolysis resulted from anaerobic respiration. On the other hand this is not happening with the healthy cells. Thenon-cancerous, healthy cells are creating energy for the organism to use via the oxidative degradation of pyruvate, which is the eventual product of glycolysis, which later is alternated into oxidized mitochondria. That is why he stated that the cancer is in fact a mitochondrial dysfunction. If you eliminate the sugar from your diet, the cancer cannot expand in your body, simply because the process of respiration of oxygen in the body will be switched to the fermentation of sugar.

The relation between sugar and cancer development is known for a long time.

It is easy for people to avoid sugar consumption with the elimination of cookies, cakes, candies, chocolate, etc from their diet. The real and the most serious problem is that most of the products that can be found on the market shelves in U.S. and around the globe include refined sugars, but you can’t find them listed on the labels. You can consume sugar through the products such as cereals, whole wheat or whole grain bread, low-calorie products and even in the yogurt which is considered as healthy food.

In order to avoid intake of sugars completely, you can stop buying pre-packaged or convenience foods. You should also avoid eating foods from restaurants because usually the restaurants are providing their food from the companies that are selling food loaded with large amounts of refined sugar and salt in order to extend their expiration date. You can even find refined sugars in the salad dressings too. If you intend to suppress the desires for sugary foods, eat more animal based proteins and plant-based nutrition-packed foods. You should avoid red meat.