We associate showers with good hygiene, but most of us are fans of showering for other reasons too. Some of us shower in the morning as a regular wake up ritual. It stimulates our nervous system, awakens the body and prepares us for the day ahead.

Others though, like to take showers in the evening after work, before going to bed. Showers can be very relaxing and soothing after a stressful day.

Showering is both necessary and pleasurable, but doing it every day is not good for you,” says dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch. “Your body is a complex natural ecosystem of processes that keep you physically healthy, and can be very disruptive to those essential processes.”

It is also a waste of resources, if done too often. I mean, here we are in the developed world, wasting away precious water on unnecessary showers while there are people around the world who cannot even meet their basic water needs.

To some this might even be great news, as the very act of showering can be dangerous. People slip all the time in showers, with the wet floors, hydration soaps and razor blades all over the place.

  1. You Are Probably Not Even Dirty

Unless you hit the gym every day or your day job is physical in nature like a worker in a factory or a mine, you do not need everyday showers. Studies indicate that most of us shower every day because of societal pressure. According to dermatologists, the skin does not need daily interventions and assistance from us to be healthy. The skin has its own ways of cleaning itself.

  1. Some Bacteria Are Hood

According to dermatologists, there is good bacteria living on your skin that protect you from the bad bacteria. Showering every day removes the good bacteria so often that they cannot form quickly enough to maintain that protection. The good bacteria also act as a shield from chemical soaps, perfumes and other toxic personal care products.

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