Spinach Mushroom Cheesy Quiche – Easy Healthy Recipe!

My family is a fan of quiche. My love for it goes back to my childhood days. From my grandmother to my mother and to my aunts, they all have their version of quiche Lorraine. My mother’s is definitely my most favorite. She makes it up to now. Hers is very flavorful and she adds extra cheese because she knows how much me and my brother love it. And now, our very own families love her quiche Lorraine too and she makes it for us whenever we visit her and Dad. My sons are fans of my mother’s quiche Lorraine. And I know that if they can express it properly, they will want to eat that every day. I can’t blame them. I felt the same as a child.

This quiche recipe is also a favorite in our family reunions. We usually let Aunt Marge make it because hers gets the most votes of being everyone’s favorites. Her quiche is almost similar to my mother’s so I don’t complain. I think it’s because it’s my mother who taught her how to cook. My grandmother’s not very good in communicating so if you’re not very good with observation, you wouldn’t be able to know the secrets to her recipes. It’s a good thing my mother and some of my aunts were very observant. Anyway, this quiche Lorraine recipe that I am going to share with you is extremely easy! And I am very sure that your family will appreciate and love this version. Enjoy!


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