Small Kitchen Appliance and Power Tool Cord Organization Tip – Cheap and EASY!

Are you frustrated with the cord to your KitchenAid stand mixer {and other small kitchen appliances and gadgets} being all over the place or wrapped all around them super ugly like?  Me too!  Check out this slick little CHEAP trick I found!  Now you can organize your cords and store them right on the appliance itself:

I saw this idea when I was desperately looking for ways to organize my out of control kitchen.    I was a bit skeptical and kinda worried it would look crappy on my beautiful new pink KitchenAid stand mixer.  But I also hated the cord being either plugged in or all over the place all the time… or both.

Since I have zero plans of EVER putting this pretty girl in a cupboard or the pantry I had to give it a try.  I ordered these Command Cord Bundlers HERE  {what a great deal on a TWO PACK, guys!  At least they sure were when I ordered them.}

Maybe the price has gone up or down by the time YOU read this – but  these magical cord organizers are a super cheap and a nice looking solution in “todayland”!   Plus I love that they give you an extra set of stickies in case you goof up.  It’s like they KNOW me or something.  *swoon*

Source : dreamingindiy

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