47 Year Old Korean Mum Who Looks 20 Shares Her Secrets To Slow Down Aging Naturally!

47 Year Old Korean Mum Who Looks 20 Shares Her Secrets To Slow Down Aging Naturally: Lee Young-ae is the popular South Korean TV actress and a beautiful young face that will drive you crazy and fall in love with her. At the age of 47, she looks tremendous and young. No spots, no wrinkles and fine lines on her face, no pigmentation as we often see at the same age to others.

Her one of the drama series become popular and she gained the limelight of audience in 2003 called ‘Dae Jang Geum’ and now after 15 years later she still looks great even more than before.

Lee Young-ae got the second place at the list of Top 20 celebrity’s faces that look beautiful and attractive and she got 23% votes of public and she deserves it for sure.

She is the mother of twin child and she managed and maintained her well. Now you would think about why we are elaborating so much about her, well because behind her beauty there are some secrets that you never going to miss.

Lee Young-ae revealed her secrets to slow down aging naturally and you must follow her advice if you want the same skin and glow so let’s have a closer look at these hidden facts:-

1. Add Grapes in your Diet:

Lee Young-ae loves grapes so much and she eats them often whenever she likes to have it. Grapes are a great source of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients that works great for your skin.

Often eating grapes can reduce the skin problems like pigmentation, fine lines, dry skin, etc. you will get flawless skin tone with healthier and younger looks.

Add grapes in your diet and eat a handful of grapes twice or thrice in a week. There are different varieties available of grapes like red grapes, yellow and green grapes, and black grapes all are good for your health.

The high amount of antioxidant removes the toxins from your body and cleanses the bowel system. It hydrates your skin and your skin becomes young and healthy.

Grapes also contain flavonoids that protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun. It generates collagen level that is responsible for generating new cells and tissues in your skin.   

Our famous star Lee also recommends grapes so if you want the finest skin tone then do friendship with grapes.

2. Drink Green Tea on a Regular Basis:

Lee young-Ae has been drinking a cup of green tea regularly from the past 20 years and without missing it a single day. That’s why she is the owner of soft, younger and spot-free skin.

As we know that green tea is the powerhouse of powerful antioxidants which is known as OPC or oligomeric proanthocyanidins.    

Green tea also contains anti-inflammatory components which soothe your skin and diminishes the fine lines and wrinkles. Now it has been proved in several studies that green tea is one of the best tonics to gain rejuvenation that’s why people loving it too much.

Add green tea in your diet at least drink once in a day and do not add sugar or milk. Drink it slowly and don’t brew longer for fast results.  

Green tea is also useful in weight loss so if you want your body in a shape don’t miss it out.

3. Have Red Dates Soup:

Lee Young-ae love to have red dates or also known as Jujubes soup. She likes the sweet and sour taste of the dish. Red dates are often used in Chinese cuisine. 

She describes that whenever she feels that her skin looking dull and rough she takes red dates soup and gets the instant results for getting pinkish and radiant skin tone.  

Red dates repair the damaged cells and improve blood circulation naturally. It provides you a rosy skin texture and makes your skin younger and brighter.   

Red dates are rich in vitamin c and antioxidants which enhance the skin elasticity. It also contains iron and fulfills the lack of red blood cells so good for anemic persons.

Healthy blood circulation is necessary for getting a healthier skin tone. In several Asian countries, mothers give red date’s soup to girls especially after starting their menstrual period. And woman also has this after giving birth to a baby.  

How to make Red Date soup:

Take 8 to 10 red dates, brown sugar, and Goji berries. Now rinse goji berries and red dates into some water and remove the seeds of dates.

Now boil 4 cups of water and add dates and berries into it and let it boil for 10 to 15 minutes.

Off the flame and sieve, it or you can also drink just like that. Add some brown sugar and serve it hot. Repeat it twice in a week.    

Never Miss Exercise:

Lee Young-ae never misses her exercise and she says that I have maintained myself by doing exercise and it is important too.

Her favorite exercise is horse riding and swimming. Swimming is okay but if you know nothing about horse riding then it would be better to do with a coach.

In horse riding, your muscles become stretched and for some people, it won’t be too easy. Several researchers have been exclaimed that people who do work out on a daily basis are more energetic and looks young than those who live a sedentary lifestyle.

Exercise and workout or simply walking fast or jogging can enhance your physical ability and makes you healthy and fit.


There is no such magic that will transform you totally. As you see celebrity also does an effort and hard work. Follow these simple and effective ideas and remedies and you will surely get the positive results.     

Lee young-ae can be a true inspiration for you. if you are really desperate to get a radiant and healthy skin and wants to look younger then change your lifestyle and accept natural methods.

We hope this information will help you. share your experience and more ideas with us.  

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