These are the 7 Often Neglected Signs of Folate Deficiency

What is folate, or folic acid? Healthline have explained that it is a type of B vitamin, which helps the body in making and repairing the DNA, as well as to produce red blood cells. Folate is water-soluble, thus, it cannot be stored in the body for a long period of time, people simply dismiss too much amounts in their urine. This means that people need to continuously refill the supply of folate or else they may become deficient in just a matter of time.

The major reason for folate deficiencies is a lack of certain foods in the diet. Nevertheless, folate deficiencies can also happen due to certain gastro-intestinal disease such as Coeliac or Crohn’s Disease, or some genetic condition, as well as excessive alcohol consumption or particular medications. Symptoms of folate deficiency fall under two categories in general: general folate deficiency symptoms and it is linked to folate deficiency anemia.

Here are the symptoms of General Folate Deficiency:

Mouth sores or swollen tongue

eMedicine have explained that this kind of symptom may happen before anemia has set in. the tongue may actually look “beefy,” red or shiny, commonly around the edges and the tip to start with. Oral lesions can happen before and throughout the period of anemia.

Reduced sense of taste

NetDoctor have explained that you may experience some problem in tasting your food, in addition to the sores in the mouth.

Gastrointestinal problems

Anemia usually brings with it bowel problems, but before that sets in you might actually suffer from both of indigestion and diarrhea.

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