7 signs you’re eating too much salt

Did you know that you actually need some salt (sodium chloride) for your body to function properly? Salt actually helps ensure the fluid levels in your body don’t get too high so your muscles can function properly, according to Medical News Today. If your body doesn’t’ have enough sodium, your blood pressure can drop dangerously low!

However, eating too much salt is also very dangerous. Check out a few things you might experience if your diet is too high in salt!

1. You are thirsty all the time
When you eat too much salt your body needs more fluids to help clear out your system so your muscles and other organs can operate properly. Your body lets you know it needs more water by telling you that you’re thirsty. (And you should drink water because if your body has to draw the water from other areas, you could become dehydrated).

2. Swelling
If your rings are feeling a bit tight, your feet are swollen or you have puffy eyes in the morning, you might be eating too much salt. Salt helps your body retain water. Too much water retention may result in the swelling of arms, ankles, feet, hands and under the eyes, according to Popular Science.

3. Achy bones
When you drink lots of water to make up for the sodium overload, you’ll have to urinate more often. Frequent urination leads to the loss of extra calcium. Your bones (including your teeth) need the calcium to stay strong. A calcium deficit can lead to osteoporosis.


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