She Wipes Ordinary Window Cleaner On Stained Heels To Totally Transform The Patent Leather

Even when I try to take the most delicate care of my clothing and other fabric, it seems impossible to keep them anywhere near as fresh as the day I bought them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve looked at all the tips on the web and have found some shockingly simple ways to maintain the color of my jeans and even repair suede stained by moisture.

However, I’ve had some stubborn cases like the ones below that just won’t budge when it comes to easy fixes.

Or at least, that’s what I thought before watching the video about how simple it can be to not only fix but prevent the awful blots on my clothing and accessories.

I’m honestly stunned these solutions haven’t made their way to me sooner — especially when it comes to my sweaters constantly pilling up. I know the friction from wearing the fabric is the cause, but I would have never thought to just turn them inside out while washing to keep it from adding up.

That’s just one of the amazing tips for keeping all sorts of fabric fresh over the years that Rachael Ray and her guest spill in the clip below.

Have you ever used any of the methods below to keep your fabric from fading or being completely ruined over time?


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