She Peels Off a Glass Bottle Label to Create the Most Gorgeous DIY

Between soda or sparkling water, glass bottles tend to collect around the house pretty easily. Although your first instinct might be to rinse out and recycle those bottles, they can actually be upcycled in a ton of functional, beautiful ways! Here are 13 clever ways you can turn your trash into some serious DIY treasure.

13 Gorgeous Ways to Repurpose Glass Bottles

1. Picture Frames

Bottle picture frames.

Forget store-bought picture frames, reusing your bottles to display your favorite memories can be an incredible touch for your home decor. Best of all, you can easily use the glass bottles to play into a theme, like a beach house or a rustic, country feel. Check out the full tutorial here.

2. Painted Vases

Painted beer bottle vases.

How embarrassing is it when someone comes over with flowers and you don’t have a vase to put them in? Well, never again! Make these DIY vases out of beer or wine bottles in any color or design you want.

3. Simple Bottle Design

Mod podged bottles.

For a really easy, classic way to dress up your empty bottles, cut out some text from a magazine or thrift store book and Mod Podge it to the glass. We love that you can cut the paper into any shape you want!

4. Kitchen Organization

VOSS bottle holding pasta.

Glass water bottles from brands like VOSS are very difficult to throw away. Not only do they look extremely sleek, but they hold lots of volume. If you’re not going to keep them as a water bottle, try filling these empty containers with pasta or cereal for an easy way to organize your kitchen.

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