She Mixes Just 2 Ingredients, But Ends Up With This?! I’m entirely Trying!

I’m the kind of person who notices every little thing on my face. Now, I may not act on everything little thing that “pops” up, so-to-speak, but I definitely notice! A stray eyebrow hair? Yeah, I see you there. A little pimple: how could I miss it? But none of these things compare to the feeling of finding a little patch of nasty blackheads popping up. I get them around my chin and nose. And, honestly, I really don’t know how to effectively deal with them at home. So, I end up popping them. Anyone who has ever done this knows that nine times out of ten, popped blackhead will turn into something way worse! I got sick of the whole process. Get rid of a blackhead to get a pimple instead? No thanks.

So that’s why I got really excited to see a natural remedy I could try at home. If you’re anything like me, you’ll definitely want to check this out, too. When you try it, make sure to snap a pic and upload it in the comments so everyone can see how awesome this blackhead mask is in action!