She Goes To A Coffee Shop. But When She Asks The Staff Where She Can Feed Her Baby, She’s Stunned By What She’s Told

A 19-year-old mom went to a Costa Coffee shop because of their seemingly welcoming policy regarding breastfeeding. When she actually went inside to hang out and breastfeed her baby, she was aghast by what they told her. Read on for more details!

Hollie Dixon, 19 years old, claimed that she was told by employees of Costa Coffee that she can only breastfeed her son in the toilets. Dixon, whose baby is 10 weeks old, left humiliated at the coffee shop’s branch in Hudderfield on Friday, the Daily Mail reports.

Dixon, who’s from Brighouse, West Yorkshire, went to the coffee shop after she heard about the company’s policy regarding mothers who wanted to breastfeed. It was her first time breastfeeding her son Denzel in public. The policy didn’t specifically state that it would be inside the toilet.

Dixon said, “I felt embarrassed and walked out. I was already annoyed because when I entered with my pram as every single person watched me struggle as it wasn’t an automatic door and I was trying to get in.”

She continued, “Then to be made to feel like that was just horrible. He wouldn’t like eating in a toilet so why should my baby.”

Dixon had already ordered her drink of hot chocolate and paid for it. Then, she asked where she could breastfeed her baby, the staff said that she can do that inside the toilet.

According to Daily Mail, Dixon said, “I found the member of staff quite rude. All I said was that I needed to breastfeed my son and is there an area I should sit. It was the way he looked at me as I said it and how he told me I could only breastfeed in the toilets.

“I am quite shy and have been reluctant to breastfeed in public. I always ran back to the car but that day I had no choice but go to the nearest place. When your baby is crying, and wanting to be fed, there is nothing you can do but feed them.

“I was told that Costa welcomes breastfeeding mothers and that is why I felt comfortable going in there and trying to feed in public. I heard Costa even had special areas or breastfeeding corners to help mothers have more privacy. I guess these areas must just be the toilets.”

A spokesperson for Costa Coffee released a statement:

“We were concerned to receive the customers social post and are looking into it as a matter of priority. We have always been very happy for mothers to breastfeed in our stores, wherever they choose, and for all those who prefer a more private area, we offer baby changing facilities.

“Costa is renowned for its family friendly environment and is the perfect place for mums to relax with their children. Our staff will happily deliver drinks to parents’ tables and go out of their way to accommodate families.”

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