6 Secret Origin Stories of Modern Foods

2. Pepsi

We all know about the Coca-Cola/Pepsi rivalry that has been going for over 100 years now, but how did Pepsi even came to be? About 100 years ago a bunch of chemists and pharmacists got a completely wrong idea that carbonated drinks improve health, and their own Coca-Cola was served for free inside their pharmacies. Pepsi was created in the same way just a few years later. Both Coke and Pepsi were sold everywhere in the early 1900s. But in 1923 Pepsi went out of business only to come back stronger and even more refreshing! They’ve started using 12 oz bottles instead of 6 oz ones, and that was a critical success among the customers. I personally would take Pepsi over Coke any day of the week.

3. Chicken Nugget

Did you know that even though McDonald’s were the first to sell these mouth-watering meat nuggets in 1980, they were not the ones who came up with the idea. Believe it or not, 18 years prior to that, a certain professor Robert C. Baker was trying to create new types of high-calorie chicken dishes for as cheap as possible. He came up with over a dozen recipes, sent them to various stores, and then later on published the results of his little experiment in a scientific journal. The rest is history.


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