6 Secret Origin Stories of Modern Foods

What do you do when you feel hungry but are too tired to go through all the messy process of preparing the ingredients, cutting and cooking them, only to be left with a pile of dirty dishes? You order out, of course! Pizza, sushi, tacos, burgers – these days you can have pretty much anything you want at any time of day or night, as long as you have the dough. Most of this is thanks to the invention of refrigeration, which led to the revolution called “processed food”.

Since then the factories were able to process more food (hence the name) and store it for a lot longer, which meant saving money and more time to develop new products. Some of those products have wild origin stories, and you’re about to see some real conversation starters!

Here are 6 secret origin stories of modern foods!

1. Ketchup

Statistically speaking, almost every person reading this has a bottle/pack of ketchup in their fridge right now. Well, that and mayonnaise. Coincidentally these two condiments make the best sauce for chicken. So where did ketchup come from? Some sources claim that sometime during 1600s traders coming from China would bring red chunky fish-based sauce which they called “ke-tsiap”. It instantly conquered the taste buds of the entire Europe and then the Americas. Naturally, the chefs began playing around with the formula, making thousands of variations, which is why today there’s only one sauce that supposedly tastes like the original – Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce.


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