Scientists Are Urging Any One Who Uses A Loofah To Throw It Out Or Prepare For The Worst

A new health warning has been issued by J. Matthew Knight of the Knight Dermatology Institute – and it involves your own bath shower puffs.

Turns out that your dead skin cells tend to get stuck under all that puffy layers, encouraging bacterial growth!

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And it can happen in a short period of time – couple of hours, in fact!

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This could mean that open wounds are even more prone to infections – a cut as small as a razor cut is also harmful to your skin’s epidermal layer!

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Knight advises that bath puff users should replace their puffs frequently, and leave them to dry somewhere else other than their bathrooms – a dryer environment is preferable.

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In addition to cleaning your bath puffs, an alternative is bath loofahs, which do not have wire layers that will trap bacteria and dead skin as easily as a bath puff.

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Check out this video below!

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