Scientists Are Now Claiming That Taking A Hot Bath Is More Beneficial Than Exercise

Dieting can be hard. We strive to avoid the yo-yo weight while retaining our muscle mass after a calorie deficit,

especially after a long term period of starvation. Then there is exercise, which often causes us to be hungrier than we were and also tires us out in the process.

But now, scientists are stepping forward to say that taking a hot bath is much more beneficial compared to low-activity exercises like yoga. Yes – you heard me!

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People thought that losing weight only involved dieting and exercise – but not anymore.

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A hot bath will not burn as many calories as an intense exercise routine, however – biking was unsurprisingly much more effective at burning fat compared to just soaking in the tub. But when carried out on the same day, you can now burn more calories without tiring yourself out!

An experiment with a controlled number of candidates and apparatus was conducted – group A took a hot bath in a bath tub, while group B did not. Both groups got their blood sugars measured, and the results were unexpected.

Group A experienced a 10% drop in sugar levels, but group B did not. The hot bath group A took burned an approximate of 130 kcal while group B did not, burning only a mere 50 kcal.

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Researcher Dr. Steve Faulkner believed that the heat of the water bath has the ability to shock protein structures throughout our body, and may cause glucose to be used as fuel to stabilize body temperature due to the sudden heat.

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That explains why saunas and hot tubs are so popular – relaxing routines are now a newfound way to lose weight without hitting the gym!

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What do you think of this – is it a fact or just an old fib?

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