French Toast Casserole That Tastes Like It Has Been Kissed By The Sun

My best friend recently asked me if I wanted to do a girl’s day out. Head out in the morning and get some spa services done, do some shopping, get some lunch, and then head back home. It sounded wonderful, so of course I accepted. Then, I started thinking about how if we got back late, the whole relaxing day would be ruined as I ran around the kitchen trying to whip something up for dinner. I didn’t want that to happen, so I pulled out the trusty ol’ slow cooker and started checking the freezer to see what I could toss in it the next day. I pulled out some round steaks and let them thaw out, and that’s what I went with. A few other ingredients that I tossed in made it quite similar to this recipe that I found on Group Recipes. I had it all going before I left that morning, and I got to enjoy my day without one worry of what was going to be on the dinner table that night.
When I walked in the house after our fun day, I was greeted with the amazing smell from the crock pot. I knew that what I had created was going to be an amazing comfort food for me and the rest of the family. As I was plating it out, my husband came home from work and the kids were getting off the bus from school.

Talk about perfect timing! Everyone was really happy with their meal, and clean up was a snap. We had it all taken care of before we had to head out for soccer practice that evening. It was indeed, the perfect day!
I am someone that gets pretty nervous when it comes to cooking rice in the crock pot. I’m afraid that it’s either going to be overcooked and mushy, or everything else is going to be done and the rice will be left uncooked. Thank goodness with this recipe, that wasn’t the case at all. By the time I pulled the lid off after my day out, everything was done to perfection. I almost couldn’t believe that I had actually done that. Usually, I will leave the rice out and just cook it seperate at the end. I’m glad that I didn’t do that with this recipe. It was amazing just as the instructions had me put it together. We even had some leftovers so that was nice. The husband and I both had some for lunch the next day, and they were even better than the first day I think!

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